Welcome to Picturesque!


We are contemporary artists and photographers. We like to capture the emotion and feeling of our surroundings; and are very sensitive to the things happening around us. Unlike other event and wedding photographers, who is just a hobbyist, or often started as hobbyists without proper training on art and photography;  @Picturesque we are all real artists and photographers. Our photographers and editors are also real-life fine art illustrators and artists. 

Our primary focus is on weddings. Marriage is a life long commitment, every wedding is different and extraordinary. Every couple has their unique story, so every little details on the wedding day are worth to pay attention. We want people to feel the love, the story and every touching moments from our photos. 

Our work also extends into events, portraits and commercial photography and videography. We are located in Toronto, Ontario and we are available for worldwide.


Please contact us for more information.